Gustavo Guaapo is a Canadian rapper with a penchant for making raw, powerful music with mainstream appeal. His talents have helped to land him on prominent playlists including Spotify’s NBA 2K21, New Generation Soundtrack, Northern Bars, New Weekly Music and has even gifted him the opportunity to premiere a number of his music videos on 6ixBuzz’s infamous YouTube channel. Using his life experiences as inspiration Gustavo Guaapo’s music provides a vivid picture of an artist determined to reach success at all costs and the events that transpire along the way. His music helps to transport listeners to an alternative reality where even their wildest desires are within reach.

After the success of his debut EP Playas Karma (2020), Gustavo Guaapo continues to maintain momentum with the release of Too Deep 2021, Again and Dubai Scars. With frequent involvement in different organizations such as the Sai Dham Food Bank, and Epilepsy Toronto, not only is Gustavo set on making waves in the music industry, he is determined to leave his mark on the world. Representing Toronto, Canada Underground Rapper Gustavo Guaapo is a well rounded artist that shows his dynamic versatility with the ability to share melodies and also spit that real. Gustavo is one of the hidden talents in Toronto